Happy Independence Day

A poem

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Mom: I am because you are

People, and when I say people I mean everyone who knows me, know that I am very (VERY) attached to my mother. I can’t imagine to be here – wherever I am – without her. She is the one person I give all the credits into moulding me the way I have been made. If […]

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The Sabzi Wala

Beads of sweat accumulate on my forehead, beneath my armpits and along my back – making my shirt damp. It starts to look old when its damp, not that it is new anyway. As I use my finger to wipe off the sweat on my forehead, some drops land on the tomatoes and potatoes kept […]

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Meera Bai

She set aside all she had Gave into him Devoted herself to him Indulged in his warmth  Like the sea meets the shore Like the rain meets the leaves Her emotions were genuine But is it still love  If it’s in her head? Is it still love If it’s more of devotion More of भक्ति?  […]

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Autumn Flowers

About this poem: I’ve taken in two beautiful elements of nature, primarily oxymoronic in nature – autumn and flowers. This poem is inspired by the valley of Kashmir and Hanami (the Japanese translation of Flower Viewing). Flower viewing involves the welcoming of Spring.  A note on the structure: Such a poem is called a Haiku, […]

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