The Woman Who Inspires Me: Preeti Shenoy

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.” -Roopleen.

Strange! How the distance between dreams and reality is just a few words on the go. But, is it actually a few words, or is it a few miles? Well it is a junket whose length cannot be described in words and covered in miles. As quoted above, it is the courage that counts. But where does courage come from? Does it come from reading books on philosophy? Listening to lectures? Or from inspirations? Well, according to me, it can come from anywhere. Right from a small stone in our garden to a huge mountain at our country’s border-anything can give us the courage we require.

In my case, it was inspiration. I was inspired by a woman whom I have never met, not even seen(but hope to meet her soon). A woman who is young at heart; a woman whom I can relate to; a woman equivalent to any man in her fraternity; a woman whose ‘pen’ has the power to write: Preeti Shenoy.

It was in the later half of 2012, I was surfing through the net, when, ‘Life Is What You Make It’ caught my attention. I clicked on the link provided alongside it, and was directed to another website, where I read the synopsis, decided to read it, ordered it, read it(when I received it ofcourse) in one sitting, googled ‘Preeti Shenoy’ at 1 AM and got to know of her blog, ‘Just a mother of two’. I didn’t do much research about it as I was sleepy and went to bed. But Ankita(the protagonist of Life Is What You Make It) would not let me sleep. Her story would keep running in my head again and again, and as a result, sleep vanished. So I did something interesting. I took out a new diary from my cupboard(I’m a stationary buff; I always have them in plenty), and started writing a Journal that now contains reviews of all the books I’ve read so far.

From my Journal that night:

Life Is What You Make It-Preeti Shenoy

I really was out of words when I read this book by PS. She has proved the power of simplicity through Ankita’s story. Even the smallest of details of the smallest of things are mentioned. Figures of speech are perfectly used. This book really changed my perspective on life and taught me to be more bold. It was the first book when I could imagine myself as the characters themselves, be it the protagonist or the others.

In short- a simple tale of joy, faith, love, hope and determination fighting the challenges of life, rather, successfully fighting those challenges.

From that day, I read more and more(and am still reading), until today, when I’ve read one and half a score books by different authors including all of Preeti Shenoy. It’s not only that she has taught me to read, but she has taught me to lead life in a new way. In adverse situations, I think what would have any protagonist of any book done had he/she been in my place. I do that and move forward. It was Preeti Shenoy who has inspired me to write, by developing the writer in me. I even plan to write books in near future, and if that happens, the complete credit goes to PS. She has been a guide, a teacher and a friend. Ma’am I will always remember the conversations(however small) we have had on Twitter or Facebook. I thank you a lot for that, and wish you success for your next books. More than the combined success of all your works of fiction. I love the simplicity that you use and the twists in the tales. But above all, I love the titles, specifically TOUCH. I just can’t describe any of your books in just words.

And a word more: I wish that you always stand tall in life and keep inspiring people like me, so that we get to know the hidden power in us and contribute to the huge and fascinating world of Literature.

Hoping to see you someday, somewhere. Maybe at Lit Fests 🙂

(P.S.- If ever my book is published, it will be dedicated to you 🙂 Much Love and Respect 🙂


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