Book Review: Half Wild

Title: Half Wild

Author: Sally Green

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Pages: 400

Publisher: Penguin Random House UK

Price in India: Rs. 399 (And as usual, cheaper at e-stores)

Rating: 4/5

Favourite Lines: “Forgiveness is important.” (Page 364)

Review: After I had finished reading the final instalment of the Twilight series (by Stephenie Meyer), Breaking Dawn, I had made up my mind that no one could write about witches, magic and all the extraordinary stuff like Meyer could. But Sally Green proved me wrong, when last year Half Bad hit the stores. I was hesitating initially to buy the book, because I wasn’t sure about it. I thought I would just be wasting time, flipping pages. But Green proved me so much wrong. And now with Half Wild, she proves to be the next Stephenie Meyer, and as The Times has already said:

“The inheritor to Stephenie Meyer’s crown has arrived.”

Half Wild is the second book in the ‘Half Bad’ trilogy. Green has written a sequel in the true sense of the term, but even if someone reads Half Wild before reading Half Bad, it could be easy. But for those who have already read Half Bad, and are now reading, or will be reading Half Wild, they will have to go through the last few pages of Half Bad to know where it all ended.

Half Wild starts after Mercury sends off Nathan to return with either of Marcus’ head or heart. Nathan is bound to return with none, though Mercury is very sure that Nathan would do as she would tell him to, because he wants her to perform his Giving. But, from the initial chapters only, the readers are much aware that Nathan would not return with what Mercury wants.

The character of Nathan is very different from the one in Half Bad. Sally Green has given Nathan a very bold voice and an upper hand at everything, of course. His Gift is tremendous. Even Gabriel has grown as a character, and he plays a very good supporting role. The two new characters, Van and Nessbit are also exemplary, though their description lacks on imagery.We can’t actually make out that how they may look. Though, minute details have been provided, but more is required. At least I need more description.

The re-introduction of Celia and Arran has been done perfectly, and I found Deborah’s death to be too sudden, though this can’t be a flaw because she was cheating on the Council. Marcus still remains a mystery and (spoiler alert) dies a mystery!

I would have given this book a 4.5/5, but there have been certain places, where I felt that things could have been better. Some being:

1) Annalise’s waking up from a long sleep could have been more dramatic.

2) Nathan should have told Annalise about Keiran before he actually did.

Anyway, Half Wild is Sally Green’s book, and she has all the right to write it her own way. It is purely based on her imagination, but hey! I have a right to present my views. And I also know that NOTHING IS PERFECT, and also what is right for me may be wrong for you, and vice versa, and also (last) that all of us have their own opinions. I respect Green’s opinions and imagination as much as I respect mine.

In short, Half Wild is a very good sequel, that people must read. Though there are a few places where things could have been better, but that is entirely my view. You may find that things are best as Green has put them, and they may be so (I WISH). I may be wrong.

So, this book is definitely a yes-yes affair, with good characters to transform into, exotic places to see, and an extraordinary feel to feel.

My last thoughts for this book being, Sally Green sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Praise for Half Bad:

“Highly entertaining and dangerously addictive.” – TIME


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Half Wild

  1. Well I am not a regular reader but after reading this i am surely getting ‘Half Bad’ and ‘Half Wild’ keep up the good work brother….
    BEST WISHES😉😉😉😉😉😉


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