An Open Letter to Paulo Coelho

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Greetings! (With all due Respect)

First things first, a very happy birthday to you Sir. May you achieve all the happiness in life, which you definitely are, and may you write many hundreds of books and hundred times the success.

I had first read The Alchemist when I was in class eight, five years back, when I, obviously, didn’t have the understanding enough to understand its depth, and hence I definitely re-read it again some time back. I don’t think my words are praise enough. They are just words, unlike yours, which spell out magic!

Over the years, I have read Brida, Eleven Minutes (personal favorite), The Devil and Miss Prym, By the River I sat Down and Wept and Witch of Portobello. And all these books have changed my life so much, which cannot be described in just words. Words are too feeble a medium to explain the impact!

Sir, with the depth of my heart, I thank you for creating all this magic in my life, for being my inspiration, the hand to guide me, the man to look up to! When I was lost at a point in life, I came across Brida, when I didn’t know which way to choose, I happened to read Eleven Minutes, and so on… I have since always looked up to you and seen you as a role model. I always think that if ever I decide on writing, and by writing I mean writing good enough to get published, it will always be You who would have inspired me to write.

There are moments in history that change our life. One such moment for me was when I picked up a copy of The Alchemist, and I am waiting (Hypothetical Wish!) to get a signed copy of Eleven Minutes. My journey through life, or rather anyone’s journey through life is never easy. But, by just reading your words, it becomes a little less tough every time!

Keeping it short, thank you very very much for creating an impression on my, and various people’s, life. Your books have been, and will always be the force to guide me.

Wishing you a very happy birthday once again!

Much Love and Respect

Kundan Ahuja,


Remarkable works/words by Paulo Coelho:

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