13 Times Kareena Kapoor Proved Why She Is The Best

With a khandaan to support her, and unmatched talent, Kareena Kapoor was bound to end up in Bollywood. She came, she conquered and still is! She has been pitied against every single female actor in the industry, since her first appearance in Refugee. From Madhuri Dixit to Alia Bhatt, she has had contemporaries of all ages. But, still, she has always shone as bright as a star!

Today, on the occasion of her birthday, I list 13 of her roles that took the world by charm, and permanently wrote her name on the Number 1 spot.


Credits: youtube.com

No wonder Kareena became the country’s sweetheart with just her first movie. Her confidence and innocence in her debut, opposite Abhishek Bachchan, even earned her the Filmfare Award for the Most Sensational Debut. And the fact that she chose this movie to debut with, instead of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, earned her brownie points.


Credits: youtube.com

By the time Kareena did Dev, she had earned the name of glam-doll. But her de-glam role in Dev made heads turn and highlighted her acting prowess.


Credits: youtube.com

This Mani Ratnam film was meant to go in Kareena’s kitty. She worked as a breath of fresh air for Yuva.


Credits: youtube.com

She took the black lady home for the Best Actress (Critics) after delivering a brilliant performance in Omkara.


Credits: youtube.com

Kareena played a prostitute in Chameli at a very young age, and hence proved that apart from her own acting talent, she had inherited a lot from the Kapoors’.


Credits: youtube.com

Her performance is Tashan is debatable, but her efforts to look like this on-screen made everyone go weak in their knees.

3 Idiots

Credits: youtube.com

We know what happens to Aamir Khan’s leading ladies, but standing out in his film was just a piece of cake the Begum.


Credits: youtube.com

It was never expected of the bubbly actress to give such a matured performance, but she did it, and she nailed it!

We Are Family

Credits: youtube.com

She delivered a beautiful performance, almost overshadowed Kajol, which is very very tough to do, and took home the Filmfare Award for the Best Supporting Actor (Female).


Credits: youtube.com

Find me a sexier ghost and I will remove this role from the list!


Credits: youtube.com

A superlative performance brought down by an average script. I feel bad!

Jab We Met

Credits: youtube.com

Considered as one of her most iconic roles, Kareena immortalized the character of Geet, making Geet one of the most favorite characters produced by Hindi cinema. She also proved that, woh sabki favorite hai!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Keeping the best for the last)

Credits: youtube.com

Kareena’s role as Poo in this film took the industry by a swing. Just check out the number of Dubsmash videos of Kareena’s K3G dialogues, and you will know that everybody loves Poo.

Wishing Kareena Kapoor Khan a very happy birthday!

Disclaimer: All the images above have been taken from Google.


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