Book Review: The House That BJ Built


Title: The House That BJ Built

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 408

Publisher: Westland Ltd

Price in India: Rs. 350 (And as usual, cheaper at e-stores)

Rating: 2/5

Favorite Lines: “Earthly vanity hampers our quest for the eternal.” (Page 53)

Review: After The Zoya Factor, Battle for Bittora and Those Pricey Thakur Girls, one would expect a lot from Anuja Chauhan. But, The House That BJ Built comes as a complete disappointment, where the plot is lost and characters are unwanted.

The House That BJ Built is the sequel to Those Pricey Thakur Girls (TPTG), but not in the true sense of the term. The initial part of the book makes you wonder who is Bonu and who is Samar. Chauhan has not started this book where she had ended TPTG, which is generally what happens in the case of sequels.

In TPTG, all the five Thakur sisters were given great importance, but in THTBB, they have been side kicked, and Bonu takes the lead, which, I did not like, personally. Also, I feel that, more than her stories, Chauhan is known for her writing techniques. The way she mixes Hindi and English, and the elements of quirk she uses are above all. But, like the plot, THTBB has been lacking on the narration point of view too.

Though, Chauhan’s wit and sophistication are worth praise, and she has done a good job there. Even, her characterization (apart from the fact that the Thakur sisters were side kicked) is very properly done. But, in THTBB, something is missing!

I cannot review the whole book, because I left it mid-way (yes!), but I just couldn’t take more. I had spent a lot of time in reading this, and after a point of time, I realized that THTBB is a good book, but it is not like a Anuja Chauhan Book!

In short, in the urge to write a sequel to TPTG, Chauhan has lost plot!

Praise for Anuja Chauhan:

“A mix of wit and colloquial exuberance and calling her the only Indian writer of popular fiction really worth buying.” -MINT, on Chauhan’s writing style


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