Against Contempt of Other Religions

“Wind does not discriminate—it touches everyone, everything. He liked that about wind.”
― Lish McBride, Necromancing the Stone

In their everyday life, many members of religious or belief communities face discrimination based on their religion or belief. They are unduly restricted in the enjoyment of their civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. As such, members of certain religious or belief communities suffer discrimination in their access to public education, health services or public posts. In extreme cases, some of them are also arrested or killed due to their religious affiliation.

Much has been written and read about how people differentiate between each other on the basis of religion. On how one person is a Hindu and the other a Muslim and how their rights should be different. But till when is this going to last?

The condition was still fine till people were divided into sects on the basis of religion. Today, they are looking down upon each other and thinking themselves to be the most superior religion. It is important that we realize that all of us are equal in the eyes of law, not only in India, but in any part of the world. The law is equal for a Muslim in Pakistan and a Hindu residing there. We need to come out of our cocoons and accept everyone as the same being. It is high time that we leave our old grudges behind, hold hands and move ahead.

Why do Hindus have a particular grudge against the Muslims and vice versa, and not against Sikhs or Christians? Is it because of our History, which our historians have turned and twisted for their own benefits? How do we know that they are right?

Religious discrimination has to lead us to no where. We need to realize today that if we take the support of our beliefs to fight against each other, then we will, in turn be fighting with our own beliefs. God, Waheguru, Allah or Bhagwan, as people have classified, does not teach us to fight, but to live in harmony with each other.

Stop fretting if you are a Hindu and your neighbor is a Muslim. GROW UP!


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