Against Ban On Films

Art is a medium which you cannot question. You cannot ask why a painting has only red color, or why a novel is based on the life of a prostitute. You cannot ask why a song does not have lyrics or why a dance performance is only aerial. The possibilities of art are endless. The scope of art is endless. One stroke of the brush on the canvas, and that is art. One word on a piece of paper, and that is art. A nude scene on the big screen in multiplexes, that is also art.

People, the censor board in particular, is cutting down on the creativity of the writers and directors of films. We live in a country which is among the top countries in the world if the number of porn hits are to be counted. And, on the same hand, the censor board is forcing the makers of a film to cut off a mere kissing scene!

It takes a lot of effort into making a film. From the script, to selecting the artists and then finally the making of the film itself. It is not a one day job. It is done over a long period of time. And one view by the censor board and CUT. The movie, which the makers, have nurtured as a child and created out of the love for art gets rejected in one blow. Many good films are not able to make it to the screens in the Indian market, where as they earn loads of accolades at foreign film festivals. Such is the Indian outlook on creativity.

The problem is not of the censor board alone, but of the generalized mindset of the people. People want to see everything, from on screen kissing to a lot more, but they do not want to show to the society that they enjoy exotica. The register bells are ringing outside a theater where a Sunny Leone film is being broadcast-ed. No one is going to see the quality of the story or that of her acting skills, but only to see her on screen. This has to change. People need to start cinema only for arts sake. Not for the sake of seeing nudes on the big screen. But to celebrate art. To criticize it. To enjoy it. To look at the hard work involved. To see the humor in the dialogues, the pain in the eyes of the actors, the shrill in the voice of the singer.

And the censor board is out to judge all of this.

On what basis can a person judge as to what is good for the society?

A film, Unfreedom, which was released some time back was not allowed to be released in India. The concept of the film was new. It involved a lesbian love story. But, was alas, judged by the censor board. The movie, even after winning awards at international film festivals, did not get a single screen in India. Such is the harsh truth!

It is important for the censor board to know that art cannot be judged. It is beyond those limits. What is art for me, need not be art for someone else, and vice versa, and that does not mean that I should not respect his/her work. I, myself, am an artist, and I know how would it feel if my piece of art, which I have made to show to people, to bring about a change, does not get any chance to speak for itself.

Today, is the last Speak Up against the social ills in our society, and like everyday, I will end by saying that what is most important is the AWARENESS!


(Tomorrow, I shall be talking upon why is it necessary to #SpeakUP! Find the schedule for the next week here).


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