Why Do We Need To Speak Up!

What is/was #SpeakUP?

#SpeakUP is nothing but just a small step that I have tried to take to make people aware of the social ills and wrongs present in our society. It is an initiative that I took, to bring out in the open the wrong doings of the wrong people.

Why do we need to #SpeakUP?

If not me, it would have been someone else, and I know that there are many people out there who are speaking against the existing system, but it is important to raise your voice. Today, I am speaking up, though nothing wrong has happened with me, but there are hundreds of people against whom wrong is done, but they are not able to speak up. They either do not have the power to speak up, or are suppressed. But, it is important to speak up. It is important to eradicate all these social ills from our society, so that we can hope for a better tomorrow.

The past week has been a very good. I have received huge hits and awesome reviews. And all the credits go to you, yes YOU. Thank you for taking out time, and dropping by!

The articles covered in the past week are were all against the system, where I kept forward my views on:

  1. Marital Rape
  2. Corruption
  3. Back-Breaking School Bags
  4. Encroachment Upon Ones Sexual Freedom
  5. Contempt Of Other Religions
  6. Ban On Films

Very soon, against six more social ills, I will #SpeakUP!

And a word more. You need no mike, stage or platform to speak up, but just COURAGE!

So gather courage, and SPEAK UP!


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