The following article is written by guest writer, Gunjan Talreja.

Fame…Power…Money… These three things probably dominate most of your actions in life.
Since the time we were small kids, we have always been told to do certain actions to reap benefits. Our actions were somehow always related to their consequences. Our actions being in the present while their consequences being in the future. Can we ever have complete control over our future? No, right? Then why do we worry about the fruits of actions.
Half of you all, probably want to pursue whatever career you want to because it would reap benefits in the future and plus would provide you with the financial capabilities. But as I said before, we do not have any control of these fruits but can only control our actions.
Nowadays people do charity with the hope of getting praise from people or some other spiritually inclined people think, doing charity would help them get to heaven. Having such selfish and ulterior motives behind your actions deducts the entire purpose of the action itself. Don’t get too attached to materialistic things in this world as they are impermanent.
Nishkamakarmayoga is the essence of the Bhagvad Gita. It means “there ought not to be any selfish motive or ulterior motive behind actions we perform”, therefore it calls for “selfless actions”. It asks us to perform our actions without any ego or any selfish motive as this would relieve us of any anxiety or bondage. Being detached gives you a sense of freedom which relieves you of all the stress. It talks of “renunciation of fruits of actions”.
I believe, the application of this concept in one’s life would change it completely. Surely following it is hard, but not impossible. Following this will also lead to a higher self .It leads to clarity in one’s life which is a necessity. We are unnecessarily attached to too many things in this worldly life which may not even hold any significance. Go beyond these worldly pleasures and try to understand the true meaning of life.
Never worry about the outcomes of your action because they are not in your control. Perform work without being attached to the fruit it reaps.Whatever work you do put your heart and soul into it and do let the fruits of action divert your attention.
So my dear friend, let lose your fears. I would like to conclude this with a saying by Lord Krishna: “to action alone has thou a right and never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be thy motive neither let there be in thee attachment to inaction”.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Thank you Gunjan!


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