Understanding Inner Self

Note: This article has been written by guest writer, Karanveer.

The moment I flipped in the air the loosely dangling coin in my hand, I realized I could hear someone, someone craving to be heard. It was later I realized that it was my inner self trying to talk to me and before the coin settled I already knew which side was on the top that is I already knew what my heart really wanted. People say always listen to your heart as it already knows what your brain wants, therefore having an inner self makes us realize we are more than our identities. Your inner-self is like the bulb of the sunflower, your identities are like the petals around your inner-self. It makes us ask questions like who are we? And what do we stand for? Your inner-self is made gradually over years; it is developed and nurtured within oneself.

Everything in our life is controlled by mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are even there in our cells, when we are born. Mirror neurons work in a way like, we imitate what other people are doing, and therefore we can say there is no inner self from the very beginning it is something that is developed inside our brains, overtime. Some people term their inner self as their morality because it guides you how to differentiate between the good and the bad. Our morality defines us and helps us understand that people are not difficult but different. And it is needless to say that someone with no inner self gets manipulated by the society.

Leo Tolstoy, in order to make people understand the importance of understanding inner self once quoted, ‘Your understanding of your inner-self holds the meaning of your life’. Any person who believes in his inner-self and who finds solace in his inner-self, is not affected by worldly affairs, he is unaffected by the things around him while on the other hand if someone lacks an inner self he is a slave of circumstances that means his life is controlled by his surroundings. Slave is a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something. Being a slave in short means having no free will or control. There is a very thin line between being socially acceptable individuals and becoming a slave to your surroundings.

What will happen to a man who has no inner self or as many cultures call it a ‘soul’, such a person would have no free will as he would not know what he wants, he would simply be a puppet in the hands of the society. When we say a person has no inner self we mean that a person has established set of rules or principles governing his life. This person is totally oblivious to his hearts desires and follows whatever society asks him to, he simply does not knows what he actually wants. When a person is born they function as they deem fit and not as the people want them to which can be one of the reasons why children are admired so much. As children grow, they learn about their surroundings, more about proper ways of doing things and the behavior to exhibit. No one is taught the ways of self-realization. The social institutions are made in such a way so that children could be conditioned to perform various tasks important for the society.

We are all instruments of the big machine called society and a machine is nothing but a slave.

Source: Google
Source: Google

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