When the fragrance of vada pav is in the air, you know you are in Mumbai.

When people are racing against time, you know you are in Mumbai.

When you see Bollywood stars here and there, you know you are in Mumbai.

When you feel your dreams, you know you are in Mumbai.


The aura that the city carries. The wind that blows across it. The roads that we drive on. The vada pav we love!

There is something to Mumbai, that no other city I’ve been to in the world has.

The over-priced taxis, that uniformed traffic police, the pav-bhaji at Juhu or Girgaon, the never ending lanes of traffic, and not to forget, the local trains. Mumbai carries with it, a feel that cannot be explained…


I happened to shift to Mumbai just some months ago, and I am in love with the city. The grandeur, the innocence and at the same time all grown up feel, the enchanting architecture, all are breathtaking.

Here, you can spend days doing nothing, by just sitting at Marine Drive, or best Nariman Point, and see the waves clashing with the shore. How the freedom of the sea is curbed by land, but yet, the sea over powers it. How the wind makes it impossible for birds to fly above the sea, but yet, how the birds keep trying. How the crabs keep climbing on the rocks and every other wave brings them down, but yet, they keep on trying, seeking inspiration from the birds. How poor children allure the rich by the charm of their toys, neon bands and wishing lamps, not to forget the massages. And how you think this is the best thing that could have happened to you today.

It’s not just Marine Drive, but various such places, Band Stand, Carters, etc., where you can spend time with yourself…you just need to have the patience.

Mumbai has offered me a lot. From huge opportunities knocking my door to small moments of joy, I have received all of it. But if you are to live here, you need to know that you will have to run, run fast. Faster than you ever have, faster than you can ever imagine. But that is fun! It is good to run. Towards your goal, dreams, whatever!

My life in Mumbai would have been hell tough had it not been for the people I love and the people who love me: my friends. Who have been family away from home, taking care of me, getting me home food, dropping me home from college, pooling cabs with me, giving me company in boring lectures, getting crazy with me, living my dream with me, and what not!

A big thank you to Shrreya, Poo, Aashna, Ragz, Dilli, Vivek, Yash, Shivam, Bubbles, Bans and Sanj…and all of those people who I’ve missed. I take this opportunity to thank all of you!


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