Away From Home

It takes a big heart to send your children, who you have nurtured till today. It takes a big heart to leave your parents hand and walk in this big world, alone. It takes an even bigger heart if this happens in India, a land bound by customs and traditions. A land where for a child, nothing is as important as his parents and where for parents, nothing is as important as their child.

It happened six months back, when I left home to achieve my larger dreams, to step out in this greater world. I am from a small town, Raipur, and coming to Mumbai to study was a big decision for my parents and me. Though, everyone at home knew that I were to come out for studies, but we never thought it would actually happen. And this soon!

It feels good and bad both to be away from home. The freedom feels good, the independency feels nice. But when you are tired at the end of the day and all you need is maa ke haath ka khana, you realise that dinner is still to be thought of.

Back at home the morning alarm would be either of mom and dad calling out, shouting my name to wake up so that I don’t get late for school. Here, my alarm clock is Pujita’s (Poo) call, who shouts on the phone at a sleeping me. She (and many such other) is my family away from family. The human touch not lost!

Back at home breakfast wasn’t a problem. Even when I got late I would roll a parantha and eat it in the car. Here, what to make? is the daily question.

Life was luxurious back at home, with all the comforts anyone would want. Here, it is luxurious too. The only comforts missing are mom’s lap, daddy’s hand and my brother’s nuisance.

Otherwise, life is great here. My college is wonderful, I have a great bunch of friends, awesome people to live with and so many exceptional opportunities waiting to he explored!


2 thoughts on “Away From Home

  1. Nice topic to chose…..almost everyone our age can relate to this….and most of us have experienced this for the first time, hence it was fun to read….


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