Thinking what to do about your child’s education?

Stuck between the various saving schemes out in the market?

Axis Mutual Fund is out with answers to all your questions regarding education planning. You can, now, study in the one of the best educational institutions, like the guy next door! Surveys have shown that the inflation in the expenditure incurred in education is the highest, and not of gold, diamonds or any other thing. When we plan while buying the yellow metal, which only loses it’s glitter with age, though it can be polished, why don’t we plan for our children’s education, which, by far, is the only thing that just grows with time. Yes, knowledge enhances with time! Surveys also show that today parents are more worried about their childs education that any other thing. But is education even relevant in the smaller towns of our country? I belong to a small town, and I can say that no one, absolutely no one, takes education seriously there. Yes, there always are exceptions. So what do we need to do and why? All we need to do is our homework. Parents need to do their homework much before the kids start with theirs. You need to plan for your child’s education. People even question that what if we save money and the child doesn’t study only. That money then comes back to you only. Through, Axis Mutual Fund, only the child can withdraw when he is 18, but things can be looked after. It is important thta we realize that education is an all time thing and that no field, even business, can’t flourish without it in modern times.

I can say from personal experience. I belong to a well to do family (touchwood) but had my parents planned my education, I would definitely have been in a better place today, out in the wider world. When we are kids, we don’t rather know what we want to become, but there is a vague idea in our minds, as to who we want to be like- your family doctor, a tennis player, a teacher- the possibilities are endless. But as and how we grow up, life happens, and stuff changes. We become more and more mature and realize that our childhoods were a fairy tale and real life isn’t and we have to decide for ourselves what we are to do, for which it is essential that parents plan.

Gone are those days when an uneducated man would become a leading global icon. Again, exceptions. I am not putting down the idea of ideas. I’m just highlighting the power of education. We need to do this for securing the childs future. We live in India, and here we do not leave our child’s hand and tell him to walk alone in this harsh world. We are bound by customs, traditions and values. We would never leave our child. The child would never leave us. And hence we need to plan. So that your child doesn’t stay behind his friends. So that he can hold his head high and speak! Ask your child what he wants to do. Tell him to draw a picture of what he wants to do. You draw a picture if what you want him to become. Then compare. This is what Axis Mutual Fund did, and the results!

What I wanted to become and what I am today is still a process. I am just nineteen! I don’t think I am at that point in life where I can look back and say that I have done it all. Maybe, 10 years down the line, when Axis Mutual Fund has another conference, and I happen to attend it and write about it, I will hopefully answer the question as to what I wanted to become and what I am!

So, #DoYourHomework


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