Feminism Thrown Out Of The Door

Some time back, I had written about how people often confuse the two concepts, Women Empowerment and Feminism. While all those who know the difference, are moving ahead with men and women together, and those who do not realize the difference are just empowering women, leaving behind the male community as a whole.

In my article, I had mentioned that if people keep on empowering women, not bringing about feminism, then 30 years down the line we would be fighting for man empowerment. But, I think that I was wrong. I think that the fight for man empowerment is coming sooner.

Read the whole article here: Feminism VS Women Empowerment

I believe that peoples perception of Feminism is not correct. The idea of empowering women, without taking into consideration the male community is hampering growth. By growth I do not mean economical or political growth, but social growth within our own country. We are taking the women ahead, and are on the route to re-create patriarchy, this time lead by women. I have no personal problem with women going ahead, but it would be a better world to live in if we could just walk together and do our individual chores of the society.

We need to remember that if we are promoting the interests of women, we should also promote those of men. Women today want to pull their own chairs, as against men pulling chairs and opening doors for women. But never do they pull a chair for a man, or open a door. Where is the hell is feminism now?

Without much ado, I think it is really important that I re-explain, in detail, what FEMINISM actually is. Now, read with open minds, we first need to know that women empowerment and feminism are two completely different concepts. Not going to the differences, Feminism just means WALKING TOGETHER! There is no complexity involved, apart from the term itself. Feminism was called so because the general idea of feminism was to gain equality, by promoting women, because they were considered to be the weaker sex (but they never were). And hence, when I say that I am a Feminist, I mean that I support equality, and not patriarchy again!

People need to know that the fight for women empowerment has cost a great deal to men. Men are being subjected to assaults, mental, physical and sexual, cases of domestic violence against men near about to 51% of the total number of cases of domestic violence, which is more than half, and humiliation.

It is womanly enough for a woman to like blue, but not manly enough for a man to like pink!

It is womanly enough for a woman to go to work, but not manly enough for a man to stay at home and take care of his children!

Such stereotypes we have created!

I agree that (quoting Kangana Ranaut) anything that could conquer the darkest and the deepest of human souls has been feminine but men need a fair chance, don’t they! It is our mistake that we have wrongly comprehended Feminism and it is the men who have to suffer.

If feminism has it’s pros, it has it’s cons as well. Well, a coin does have two sides!

And when we support women empowerment in the name of Feminism, that is when Feminism goes astray!

And ladies and gentlemen, it is important that we realize that men need feminism as much as women need it, but we are just pushing it too far!

To be continued soon, as What Men Want!

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2 thoughts on “Feminism Thrown Out Of The Door

  1. It’s really important for women to know and understand what feminism is, especially now because women are misled by female empowerment. As you have mentioned feminism is about having a balanced society where both women and men have their rights and responsibilities equally.


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