The Emotional He. The Rebellious She.

We live in the world of illusions, where we have been given a set of rules which we have to follow, no matter what! And if, by any chance, we try to speak up against them, break them, the society comes up on us, tells us that we are wrong, subdues us! In the recent past, I’ve spoken a lot about feminism and how all of that is affecting us. But have you ever wondered about the things that cause much more an effect on the society? On the people? On every individual in each household? Today, let’s speak about stereotyping, which, my friends, is a very very serious problem.

HUMANS STEREOTYPE! And we (only) need to break them!

Mainly talking about societal gender stereotypes, the biggest question that lingers here is why do we set before us certain rules, certain limits? Why can’t boys cry and why isn’t it correct for girls to get angry? Who divides duties between boys and girls? Who says that men don’t care and women always do?

Gender Stereotypes

There are many more such questions, which are baseless. Just because someone is born a boy or a girl, that doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t have his/her freedom to choose his/her own emotions. The society encircles us in a circle, within which lie our rules, our definite emotions. A boy cannot shed a tear of sorrow, or else he becomes weak and a girl cannot express her anger, because if she does, she isn’t marriage material.

Consciously or sub-consciously, we are still juggling in the past. We are still in those times, where people discriminated between men and women on an emotional level. I find it completely normal when men cry, because you know, we feel the pain too. Every man would want to show to the world that he is a man, as they say, and that he is the powerful one and hence is not eligible for emotions, isn’t eligible to cry. But deep down, we feel it. We, men have so much inside of us, that we just want it out. It is like nothing more can be welled up on the inside. Some of the men are so broken from the inside that they are extremely rigid from the outside. You may think that it is women who express emotions through tears, but no! Come on man, cry it out! Trust me, it is a beautiful feel!


For the women, on the other hand, emotions are everything. This is what they say. But can’t she be a symbol of a rebellion? Can she not be something more than just a pretty face who lets out subtle hints of emotions here and there? Does she always have to be a Laxmi or Saraswati? Can she not be a Durga? (not inviting Religion, but just stating examples). Because let’s face it, women do have grievances, they are angry, they want to shout. But, CAN’T. Why? Because they are women!


Why does the gender tag that anyone is born with becomes a thing to hold onto for the entire life. I mean, do people not have the basic right to choose what they feel and also express it? Can men not crib about their weight? Can women not, not talk about their weight? Can men not make an effort to look good? Can women not just not make an effort for the same?

The problem, you see, apart from being in the society, is that, it is within us. If a man wants to cry, be strong enough to do it in front of people. Crying ins’t weak. It is a beautiful form of emotion. It is a beautiful way of letting things out. On the contrary, if a woman wants to be rebellious, to be angry, if she want to take out all her grievances, just pick the goddammit table and throw it and break it woman! It is pretty normal. Anger, like crying is also an emotion, and you need to take it out!

By just mentioning anger and tears, I don’t mean that these are the only two rigidly divided emotions between men and women. There are many more out there. And why just emotions, there are so many chores, words even! A man doesn’t (typically) do the laundry. A woman has to stay at home to look after the kids.A woman doesn’t know not to do justice, a man doesn’t know how to care! It can even be as basic as pink is for girls and blue is for boys!

It is his life. It is her life. It is their choice!

BREAK THE STEREOTYPES! It all starts from you!

Disclaimer: All the above images have been taken from Google. None of them have been created/clicked by me.


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