Judge Me.

I am a man. I am a woman. Judge me.

I choose coffee over tea. Judge me.

I like wearing pink. I like wearing blue. Judge me.

I am fair. I am dark. Judge me.

I have short hair. I have long hair. Judge me.

I am thin. My body bloats. Judge me.

I don’t care. I care. Judge me.

I like the twinkle of the stars, the color of the sky. Judge me.

I am successful. I am a failure. Judge me.

I take hours in the shower, or maybe just a minute. Judge me.

I like Taylor Swift. I like Ed Sheeran. Judge me.

I like how patriarchy works. I fight for women’s rights. Judge me.

I am a feminist. I believe women are weak. Judge me.

I talk to my friends over the phone for hours. I bitch about the same people. Judge me.

I perform my actions to impress people. I perform my actions for selfish needs. Judge me.

I love the way I walk, talk and do everything else. I want to change myself. Judge me.

You think my sense of fashion is bad. I think it’s good. Judge me.

I would even wear a dungaree to college some day. Judge me.

I’m perfect. I know I am not perfect. Judge me.

I am silent. I am calm. I am kind. Judge me.

Anger flows in me. I fight back. Judge me.

I’m emotional. I’m vulnerable. I’m intimidating. I’m rebellious. Judge me.

I hate you. I love you. Judge me.

I’m dominant. I’m submissive. Judge me.

I believe in shooting stars. I believe in crystal balls. I believe in talking parrots. Judge me.

For me relationships hold a lot of importance. But I always think of myself first. Judge me.

I will get mad at you for not replying to my messages. I won’t reply to yours. Judge me.

There are rumors about me. They are true. They are false. Judge me.

I am what I am. I have dirty hands. I wear clean shoes. Judge me.

You know only that much about me how much I want you to know. Judge me.

You just see me from far away and judge me. Judge me.

You don’t know what I’ve been through. You don’t know what I’m going through. Judge me.

You don’t even know a bit of the truth. Only I know the truth. Judge me.

You can’t handle even half of the things I’ve been through. Judge me.

Take a walk in my shoes. You won’t be able to. But. Judge me.

You don’t have the right to judge me. But. Judge me.

You judge me because you can do only that. Judge me.

You cannot accept the way I am. You cannot believe the way I am. You cannot be what I am, and hence you crib about me. You discuss me. You judge me.

You judge me because you know my life is larger than yours and yours is smaller than mine. Judge me.

Define me. Judge me.








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