What began in beauty, is eventually going to end in a mess. The concept or idea of feminism came about to create a change. It came about to change the general perception of women, not of men. To change the idea of gender roles, and not the gender roles themselves. To challenge patriarchy, not to redefine it. Feminism, when introduced, was said to be a very powerful tool to make women realize their worth of being as powerful as men. Not that women were weak, ever. It was just that the society had stereotyped men and women into particular gender roles and the impact was such that it was hard to get out of it. Empowered women and aware men have been trying to bring about feminism since a very long time, but it is now, finally, that feminism is reaching every individual. And this is good. It’s really really nice that women today are being empowered, that they are taking a step ahead. But what what cost?

I am not against women stepping ahead. What I want to ask is do we want patriarchy again? Do you, men and women, want to switch your gender roles? Do men want to sit and home while the women of the house work?

A feminist would never ask such questions and hence even I shouldn’t. These questions don’t even come to me in the first place. But feminism has already been throw out of the door. As man was to woman, woman is becoming to man. When the rush of feminism had just kicked in, we had thought how good a place the world would be if men and women had an equal say in everything, if female births were celebrated as much as male births. But this idea of ‘women empowerment preceding feminism’ has ruined the game. I agree empowerment of women is very important to root feminism, but again, did we do it right?

Do you see that thirty years down the line we will be fighting for man empowerment. Then, I would write an article about how strong women are and how weak men are, though it’s never so (both are strong together). People have to realize that feminism, just because it has the term FEMININE in it, doesn’t mean that we want women to rule. As feminists, we only want women to attain respect in the society, command it and not demand it. It is really important that people know that feminism has nothing to do with reestablishing patriarchy, but it wants men and women to hold hands and take a step together.

And please, stop calling it feminism if you don’t understand the term. EQUALITY is the term. MASCULINISM for those who have been seriously wounded by feminism (hahhaha)!


Also, a masculinist is not anti-feminism. Masculinism and Feminism mean one and the same thing.

Disclaimer: All the above images have been taken from Google. None of them have been created/clicked by me.


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