What does it mean to be different? Sometimes, things aren’t normal for everyone, they aren’t how they are supposed to be, which is absolutely normal. But we live in a society, India in general, where such a behaviour won’t be accepted. The question isn’t about what is different, but rather why. No one wants to understand that things can be done in a different way. A man can love a man, a woman can love a woman and that’s normal. That’s his or her choice to make. In fact, it’s not a choice you make. It’s all about chance. It’s the way you’re born. 

Taking a very general example, it’s not about which colour you like. It’s about why do you like pink to blue or black to white. Why can’t people, have their own little space which is beyond judgement? 

Why are people so afraid of making a decision that could be about something different? Why are we still so held in the clutches of the society? Why don’t we have the freedom to choose? And when I say this, I don’t just talk in reference to homosexuality or feminism, but in general. 

Why are we so concerned about the choices we make? Why do our choices revolve around what will Sharma Ji think, will the society abandon me, will my parents even talk to me and so on and so forth…

Every individual has the power to choose for himself. Don’t let go of it. 


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