Today was a rather a day of realisation for me, if not anything else. So, I was in my cab, on Marine Drive and what I saw was rather so upsetting and uplifting at the same time. The entire Marine Drive was dirty, full of garbage. And an otherwise crowded coastline – with college students, couples, aged aunties having their time – was empty. 

The waves were hitting the coast with so much energy, anger rather, that all the garbage that people had thrown in the sea was being thrown back by the sea, well not literally all. And the moment I set my eyes on this, I was surprisingly happy. The very fact that nature has so much power, the power to teach you, to reform you, is so enlightening in itself.

Why do we soil our environment? Why can’t we people, who roam around in expensive cars, keep a small bin in our cars? Why do we have to spit on the roads? Why can we not stop degrading the space around us? 

The realisation needs to hit in and I think, today, all those people who saw what Marine Drive really was like, would have realised that somewhere, deep down, we’re all wrong. 


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