it was a calm-

a very weird calm.

a kind of silence i didn’t know

a kind of conflict i didn’t understand.

i was floating in a space unknown

beyond the gluttony and chaos.

but i saw it all-

i saw how i hadn’t created an impact

how i never had any worth

how people weren’t bothered-

no phone calls were made

no letters exchanged

no ‘wheres’ and ‘hows’

no shedding of tears.

i was alone

i was lonely

no contact with another soul- 

no need of contact

no desire of contact.

i was glad in this space-

my space.

a space of my own-

without implications,

without the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

i wanted to scream

and i did.

my voice echoed

but no one to listen. 


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