Stop labelling Chhattisgarh as a naxalite area

This is not a post about what the land of Chhattisgarh boasts about, no. I don’t even know what it boasts about and I don’t want to google and write down a listicle about the same. But I want to bring something to your notice and to the notice of every individual who perceives the state as a threat of the development of the general well being of India.

Now to start off with, I do not have any amount of emotional connect to this state even though I’ve lived here for about ten years of my life, so this post is not out of my love for the state. Also, this is where Chhattisgarh is:


After I shifted to Mumbai for the purpose of education – I repeat, education – in one of the most prestigious colleges in the city, maybe even the country, I realised that majority of the people do not even know about the existence of this state. For Gods sake, it has been over sixteen (yes, 16) years since it has been formed after the partition of Madhya Pradesh. I’ve been told (not asked):

“Oh, it’s in Bihar!”

“You’re from north then…”

“Bro, Uttarakhand would get damn cold in the winters…”

NO. Just NO. I don’t get it how these people made it to college without knowing the (then) 28 states through school. I have studied Geography till the 10th grade. What have you done?

Anyway, without diverging a lot, the point that I am trying to make is that people all over India have begun to perceive Chhattisgarh as a naxalite area, or a militant area even. But no, it is not that. Of course there is an element of terror and even horror in the state but that’s not how you label a state. I have been watching videos by this particular page on Facebook on ‘how the states of India see the other states’ and in all of them, they label Chhattisgarh as a naxal state and state a fact that almost every other state in India looks at the state in that particular way. I don’t want to degrade any particular page or even state for that matter, but what I wish for is that if we have a power, we shouldn’t misuse it to spread information that is not wholly, but partially true. And above it we should not put labels on things, without even knowing the entire truth.

Now, in my defence, people could say that even a state like Punjab could be labelled as ‘food’ and the city of Mumbai as, say, ‘fashion’ so why don’t I have a problem with that? Of course I do. But what we forget here are the concepts of negativity and positivity. Talking of food and fashion is not negative at all, so even though labelling is wrong, here it becomes a little more bearable. Yes, if at the same time you call Haryana or Delhi as ‘where rapes happen’ or the seven sister states as ‘who are you?’ it is not just negative labelling, but wrong too. There is a line, that you should not just not cross, but also identify it.


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