Meera Bai

She set aside all she had

Gave into him

Devoted herself to him

Indulged in his warmth 

Like the sea meets the shore

Like the rain meets the leaves

Her emotions were genuine

But is it still love 

If it’s in her head?

Is it still love

If it’s more of devotion

More of भक्ति? 

Of course it is

He protected her

Guarded her against all wrong 

Turned nails into petals

Poison into अमृत

Her devotion into love

People spoke against her 

It never bothered her

“राधा तो कृष्ण की होके भी 

कृष्ण की ना हो सकी 

में तो फिर भी मीरा हूँ

एक दासी,” said she. 


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