Mom: I am because you are

People, and when I say people I mean everyone who knows me, know that I am very (VERY) attached to my mother. I can’t imagine to be here – wherever I am – without her. She is the one person I give all the credits into moulding me the way I have been made. If I touch the feet of my elders, if I stand up to make place for them to sit, it is all because she has taught me to. If I am out late night with my friends, I will always drop my girlfriends back, not because I think they can’t go home safe by themselves. It is because she has taught me to. If I call up my third grade teacher on every Teacher’s Day, it is because she has taught me to. If I am able to write this now, it is because she inspires me to.

They say all mothers have an inherent power to give, maybe everything they have. How can a person have in them so much love, so much gratitude for life and us? I don’t think I have the power to even understand this.

Mom, I don’t have to say it every day. I don’t need to. You know it. I love so so so much and it is a kind of love I won’t ever be able to give out to some other person. You’re the one person who means the world to me, who has been by my side, no matter what decision I have had to make. You made every thing so easy for me, and at the same time so tough. You fought the world for me, for me to be able to do something out of this life, to give it meaning. You taught me how to walk, not just actually, but metaphorically too. You gave me a sort of power, a sort of individuality that maybe I couldn’t have without you. You have loved me, selflessly, irrevocably!

And today, it is not just Mom who I want to thank for the gazillion times you have had my back, but Dad too. Mom couldn’t have done it without Dad’s support and Dad couldn’t have done it without Mom’s. So thank you to both of you. For giving Mohit and me a life as beautiful as this, nurturing and protecting us with all your heart!

We love you! Always have, always will…

FullSizeRender 2
That’s me and Mom chilling. I have probably seen a piece of cake on the table beside me and that’s what I want. Hehehehhe. 

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